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    About Us

    In a time of unprecedented media clutter and pop-culture noise, Refinery is an authentic, honest fashion retailer that caters for today’s inspired young adults. We’ve eliminated everything that is non-essential and instead focus on providing affordable, on-trend style solutions that will stand the test of time.

    Casual is the new special & everyday is the new occasion

    The world of fashion has changed. Trends are no longer dictated from catwalks, it is created for the people, by the people. At Refinery we believe that quality and affordability shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, which is why we’ve hand-selected accessible, inspirational pieces that speak to the needs of our customers.

    Underpinned by denim 

    Ever since denim went durable work-wear to fashion statement in the 1900s, it has become a pivotal part of the universal fashion outlook. It has since evolved from the fabric of hard, honest work, to an expression of freedom and urban uniform. This is why we have chosen this iconic fabric to underpin our apparel offering of fun, long-lasting fashion essentials.

    Backed by experience

    As part of the respected Pepkor group, Refinery stands on the shoulders of retail giants. The combined experience and influence of its predecessors provides an invaluable road map for success that is based solely on the needs and wants of you, the customer.