Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the guardian of a company’s finances, its regulatory compliance and its general financial soundness. In his or her hands lies the wellbeing of the entire company and its employees. Besides overseeing the company’s accounting procedures and monitoring all administrative and control procedures, the Chief Financial Officer is also accountable legally for meeting all the fiduciary requirements of the company.

The CFO is a member of senior management and often also a director of the company. It is his or her job to ensure that the business operates profitably and that the assets and resources of the company, its processes and business relationships are neither wasteful nor fraudulent in any way. Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, the CFO is the next most important person in the company and wields great influence on strategy and tactical decision making

Work environment
High stress levels and long working hours

Personality profile
• Exceptional financial and accounting skills
• Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
• Someone who is not afraid of responsibility
• An ability to see the bigger picture, whilst watching the detail
• Able to communicate complex issues in an understandable way
• A team player
• Able to confront issues
• Problem solving abilities
• Good with people
• Is vision driven
• Deadline driven
• Attention to detail
• Ability to work independently and under pressure
• Self-starter
• Enthusiastic and energetic
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Strong relationship building and interpersonal skills
• Good sense of judgment and the exercising thereof
• Networking ability
• Advanced negotiating and influencing skills
• Good follow through (completer-finisher)

Duties and responsibilities
• Mapping and monitoring of the activities of different departments of the company
• Carrying out operational audit procedures across all operational cycles
• Identifying and rectifying weaknesses in internal control procedures
• Continual assessment of the adequacy of accounting, financial and operating controls
• Introducing solutions and recommendations to improve performance and mitigate associated risks
• To conduct efficiency assessments and to gauge the effectiveness
of the business, including workflow, flow of documents, internal control procedures, application systems and reporting requirements
• Highlighting material errors in the accounts and assessing compliance with established procedures and laws
• Ensuring that company processes and procedures meet the required standards and outcomes, and providing the required interventions where necessary
• Communicating and discussing significant findings, suggestions
and recommendations with concerned employees and obtaining
feedback thereon
• Safeguarding the company’s resources and assets against misuse or misappropriation
• Oversight of the preparation of financial statements by the accounting officers and presentation of these to the board
• To manage and guide accounting policy and procedures
• Guiding and developing corporate strategy with the management
• Analysing performance data so as to support intelligent decision making
• Maintaining direct control of financial affairs
• Responsible for all regulatory compliance
• Oversight of internal controls, costing and risk assessment
• Controlling financial accounting/analysis, budgetary compliance
and cost control
• Oversight of assets/ liabilities/ investments/ cash management and transaction banking services
• Communication and interpersonal networking, team building, decision making, group dynamics and leveraging synergy
• Development and implementation of the requisite IT skills, general
computer literacy, core banking applications, web applications
and accounting packages

• CA(SA) or equivalent essential (NQF level 7)
• Bachelor’s degree/higher diploma
• Preferably follow with an honours degree
• Bachelor’s degree/higher diploma

Study pathway
• Follow University degree(s)
• Minimum three years’ commercial experience
• Experience in a management role would be an advantage
• Advanced knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint)
• IT Skills – core banking applications, web applications and accounting packages

Sustainability of the career
This is a sought-after position in every sector of the economy where you can find employment
• Banking and related sectors
• All major sectors of commerce and industry
Possibilities for self-employment
• Starting a financial advisory company
• Consulting

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