Career pathways in the Construction Industry:CETA

The purpose of this guidance is to provide learners with insight into the construction sector and promote a greater awareness of career opportunities among prospective learners. It guide aims to give comprehensive information on your development in relation to careers within the construction industry

The CETA has a range of registered NQF learnerships at NQF Levels 2 – 4 in the area of

  1. community house building,
  2. building and civil construction,
  3. construction health and safety,
  4. supervision of construction processes as well as a range of
  5. construction short skills programmes.
  6. The CETA has apprenticeships programmes for the building trades to enable learners to be registered and qualify as artisans.
  7. There are bursary schemes available for learners with Mathematics and Science whom also meet the admission requirements of Higher Education Institutions to study any of the built environment disciplines. Holders of these qualifications are also eligible to enter into the
  8. Candidacy Programme which would help these graduates to be registered as professionals with the respective Councils.
    A total of 33 of the 50 Public TVET Colleges are accredited with the CETA. The CETA Provincial Offices are located in the premises of Public TVET Colleges for learners to access them at ease in order to attain necessary information regarding available opportunities in the construction sector.
    In line with the White Paper for an inclusive Post School Education and Training System, the CETA has expanded opportunities for learning to learners in the rural and township areas through the establishment of Skills Development Centres. These Centres are linked to Public TVET Colleges and have the potential to serve as Community Colleges and provide a range of short employable skills for learners, learnerships and apprenticeships programmes.

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