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    Beautiful Dogs You Can’t Have – the Top Breeds That Shouldn’t Be Kept in Your Home

    Everyone knows that dogs are a man (or woman’s) best friend. They are famous for their loyalty and devotion to their human owners, showering us with love and sloppy kisses the moment we get home.

    Owning a dog is a big responsibility, as they need a lot of care and affection, and they are super sensitive to their surroundings. But some dogs are so particular that even with the best will in the world, they just aren’t suited to life in a human home.

    Read on for the top breeds of dog that shouldn’t be kept inside your house.

    Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay

    Chow Chow

    This breed of dog may look incredibly cute and fluffy, but don’t be fooled – they can actually be pretty aggressive. Despite their adorable exterior, Chow Chows are super territorial and can be quite threatening to someone who invades what they see as their space.

    Even if the Chow Chow gets used to you in your (their) home, they are never going to be comfortable or docile around new people or guests, and will bark and snap at them. Think of the postman. Best to leave this one be.Chow Chow

    Image by siamka from Pixabay

    Siberian Husky

    These dogs have such a unique beauty and stature, they already look too otherworldly to fit in your home and regular life. And this isn’t completely unfounded – though they can be loyal and friendly, and quite good with children, Huskies do tend to need more attention than the average pet owner can really give them.

    If they are not stimulated enough, they can get lonely or bored, and when lonely or bored they get destructive.

    So if you leave this beautiful creature alone at home all day, you may well get back to a less than beautiful house…Siberian Husky

    Image by MilanoNegro from Pixabay

    French Bulldog

    The French Bulldog is a sad example of a lovely dog bred for human enjoyment rather than its own happiness, meaning that years of inbreeding has left many of them with health issues.

    In particular French Bulldogs can have breathing problems and struggle to control their inner temperatures. They need to be kept in a cool environment, something that the average household doesn’t always provide.

    French Bulldogs also suffer from terrible separation anxiety, so all of these together means that travelling anywhere with your pet can put it in pretty serious danger of stress, overheating, or even death.French Bulldog

    Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay


    Dalmatians are a perennial favorite ever since Dodie Smith’s 1956 classic novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians and the ensuing film adaptations. However, this beloved tale actually led to some serious misconceptions about them – namely that they enjoy being kept in large groups.

    Dalmatians can actually be pretty hard to control, in part because many of them have hearing problems, so they often aren’t aware when they are being called or trained.

    This makes them especially hard to manage in large groups, and leaves them prone to being mistreated by frustrated owners or trainers.Dalmatian

    Image by Wolfgang Borchers from Pixabay

    Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzus are famous for being homebodies, enjoying getting groomed, pampered and generally fussed over. However, while they do enjoy being indoors, this doesn’t mean they are an easy dog to look after.

    Shih Tzus can often have a lot of quite serious health problems, meaning that looking after them can be pretty expensive and hard work. If you don’t have the time (or money) to devote to them, they can really suffer, so think twice before you bring this beautiful dog into your home.Shih Tzu

    Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

    Australian Shepherd

    The wrongly named Australian Shepherd actually hails originally from the US, and no one knows why or how they got their name.

    What we do know about them, however, is that they need a huge amount of exercise – much more exercise than the average pooch. These bundles of energy need to be taken out several times a day to let them run around and let off some of that endless steam.

    If they don’t get enough exercise, they can go a bit mad and hard to control – which isn’t fun either for them or for the owner.Australian Shepherd

    Image by Petra Heike Laicher from Pixabay

    Jack Russell Terrier

    Jack Russell Terriers are really friendly and loving, and can make a wonderful addition to your home – on a few conditions.

    They are super full of energy and need to be taken out a lot, otherwise they may lose their mind a bit and take it out on your home furnishings.

    They also don’t always respond that well to children, whose well-meaning pats can often feel a bit more like smacks. A Jack Russell Terrier, if it feels it’s being attacked, will always fight back – so you don’t want to risk them accidentally hurting someone.Jack Russell Terrier

    Image by KonstantinKolev from Pixabay


    These sleek, streamlined dogs are famous for being incredibly fast runners. This also makes them pretty hard to keep in the home, as they have a tendency to make pretty frequent – and successful – dashes for freedom.

    Though they can be loyal and loving, greyhounds are probably a breed to avoid keeping at home. We would stick to admiring them from afar, unless you want to become known as that crazy person chasing their dog round the neighborhood – particularly as you probably won’t ever catch them.Greyhound

    Image by nonmisvegliate from Pixabay


    These beautiful little dogs may seem like the perfect addition to your household, but actually they can often have quite a hard time inside the home.

    Firstly, these pooches can tend to have a lot of health problems, such as breathing difficulties and a propensity for disease.

    They also aren’t very good at stairs, meaning that they are quite likely to fall down them and hurt themselves.

    Their delicate nature also means they are often at risk of being harmed when being petted by overzealous children.Pekingese

    Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

    Pit Bull

    The infamous Pit Bull Terrier gets a bit of a bad rep – they are known for being pretty aggressive and quite scary. There have been several instances of Pit Bulls attacking other dogs and even humans, some left with quite significant injuries.

    Some loyal owners of Pit Bulls insist that this is an unfair stereotype and those that have shown aggressive tendencies have simply been trained that way – rather than being intrinsic to their personalities.

    Whatever the truth about this magnificent breed, there are some places where it’s simply not allowed to keep a Pit Bull Terrier in your home.Pit Bull

    Image by Joe Stoltz from Pixabay


    This fuzzly-faced beauty was actually originally bred as a guard dog.

    Though now often kept as family pet, the Shar-Pei does still retain some of its original guard-dog tendencies, and can be quite aggressive to strangers or when feeling threatened.

    This natural aggression tends to appear as they get older, so if a Shar-Pei is trained from puppyhood to behave more gently, it has a better chance of living peacefully with others.

    So anyone thinking of getting a Shar-Pei should make sure they adopt them as a puppy, and be willing to put in the necessary hours to train them properly.Shar-Pei

    Image by style81 from Pixabay

    German Shepherd

    This dog was originally bred, perhaps unsurprisingly, in Germany for herding sheep. It is generally known to be a friendly and well-behaved breed, but there have been instances of German Shepherds turning aggressive and even attacking humans on occasion.

    They need to be socialized from an early age in order to ensure peaceful cohabitation with humans and other dogs.

    We would suggest only taking a German Shepherd into your home if you are ready to commit to training it up properly, as otherwise you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.German Shepherd

    Image by AnjaGh from Pixabay


    This beautiful dog is really beautiful and athletic, but can be incredibly difficult to train and keep under control.

    In particular, they don’t like being penned in, and can jump over even the highest of fences with considerable ease.

    They are very loyal, but they tend only to bond with one specific person, meaning it’s hard to create a bond between this dog and a whole family. They also have a tendency to hunt other small animals.

    So, the Basenji isn’t a great option if you have a family, other pets, or scalable fences. Back to the drawing board…Basenji

    by fugzu / Flickr

    Doberman Pinscher

    Another type of dog originally bred to be a guard dog, the Doberman Pinscher is famous for being both incredibly loyal and incredibly tough.

    These dogs are great if you train them up properly, and will protect you and your home solidly from any intruders. However, don’t be surprised if this dog accidentally mistakes you for an intruder… we wouldn’t want to be in your shoes then.

    Somewhat less terrifyingly, they also have a tendency to knock over small children as they don’t realize how big and powerful they are.Doberman Pinscher

    Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay

    Caucasian Ovcharka

    These dogs look terrifying but are actually fairly good-natured – with the right people.

    Once trained and socialized, the Caucasian Ovcharka will form strong bonds with its owner and family, but they’ll remain aggressive to most strangers – and even more so towards other dogs. They’re not a dog to have in the home if you often have guests, especially not guests with their own pets.

    They also tend to put on weight easily, which means you have to be prepared to take them out for regular exercise to keep them healthy.Caucasian Ovcharka

    by Harold Meerveld / Flickr


    Probably better known as the wiener dog or sausage dog, the Dachshund is actually more aggressive than its endearing stature would have you believe.

    It’s not really too much of a threat because it’s so small, but they can also still be quite dangerous for smaller or more vulnerable animals or even small children.

    Daschunds can learn to be friendly if they are trained properly, but this takes time and work and a lot of commitment. They can still have a tendency not to respond well to strangers, or to children, who can often be a bit too vigorous.Dachshund

    Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay


    The Tosa is the only dog breed still used for legal dog fighting in Japan. They can be dangerous dogs since they have been bred to fight for many years. Due to their reputation, there are several countries that ban the Tosa including Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

    Unfortunately, the primary purpose of creating this breed is for dog fighting. As a result, they’re mistreated and horrible for home life. It wouldn’t be a good idea to keep one, even if you could get ahold of one. They are large and powerful dogs and not meant to be kept indoors.Tosa

    by DieselDemon / Flickr

    Afghan Hound

    This dog may look like a middle-aged bohemian dance teacher, but actually it’s one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. It originally hails from the Afghan Mountains, and so is built to withstand cold, rainy and snowy weather conditions.

    This dog is a hard one to control because it needs a lot of exercise and is full of energy, but it also prefers being indoors.

    Have you ever taken a frisky, frolicking dog for a walk inside your own home? No? Of course you haven’t, that would be crazy. And probably quite messy.Afghan Hound

    Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

    Skye Terrier

    This beautiful dog is native to Scotland, although it has sadly become an endangered species in its place of origin. It is more commonly found in the United States where it is now a popular pageant dog.

    This breed can be quite hard to look after properly, as when fully grown they need a great deal of exercise – but, while they are still growing, too much exercise can actually be bad for them and hurt their bones.

    Despite their cute appearance, these little guys can actually be quite vicious – they have been known to kill other pets. Yikes!Skye Terrier

    by Chris Phutully / Flickr


    These dogs, apart from having a fantastic name, are generally bred as hunting dogs, which means they are usually strong, fast and can be aggressive when needed.

    However, outside of their day job, they are overall quite a loving breed – in fact, some might say too loving.

    The Weimeraner can actually become overly dependent on its owner and suffer from terrible separation anxiety – which, when you factor in its size and strength, is a pretty bad combination.

    Be prepared to spend lots of time and attention on this one – otherwise you might come home to find your house and all worldly possessions destroyed.Weimaraner

    Image by cri92 from Pixabay

    Great Pyrenees

    This beautiful dog is actually a wonderful addition to any household, in the sense that it will behave pretty well and its temperament is suited to families and children.

    In fact, it is very protective of children and small animals, so you can feel secure that your little ones are safe when it’s around.

    The reason it’s not a great idea to keep them in the house is actually for its own good – its natural habitat is outdoors and particularly in the snow, which means they can be prone to overheating if staying indoors.Great Pyrenees

    Image by skeeze from Pixabay


    Probably one of the most famous dog breeds and one that strikes fear into many a dog-phobic’s heart – the Rottweiler is well-known as a type of guard dog or protector of the family.

    You can sleep easy with a Rottweiler in the house – as long as it’s your house and your Rottweiler. Otherwise, these dogs can be pretty territorial and aggressive – you definitely don’t want to get on the wrong side of them.

    Even when on the right side, Rottweilers need to be trained properly and from a young age.Rottweiler

    Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

    St. Bernard

    The St. Bernard is one of the most familiar breeds of dog, thanks to the much-loved Beethoven movie franchise. Their friendly demeanor and ability to form strong attachments to their owners mean they are a really popular choice of family pet.

    However, their enormous size means that even though they mean well, they can actually end up being quite destructive or a danger despite themselves.

    They can easily knock over or sit on precious objects or small children, meaning that you need to keep quite a watchful eye on them at all times if you have any of these things in your house.St. Bernard

    Image by SEAN SHIH from Pixabay

    Great Dane

    Another gentle giant, the Great Dane often can appear quite scary to young children or those uninitiated in the ways of dog. Their towering stature and stony glares do make them seem quite fierce or aggressive, but actually they are overall quite friendly and docile creatures.

    Much like the St. Bernard, the problem with the Great Dane lies in its enormous size – it is simply too big to fit in most American family homes.

    Though it will love you deeply and form a great bond with children, it also will totally trash your house – and you can say goodbye to any fragile artwork or furniture.Great Dane

    Image by Martin Tajmr from Pixabay


    There is some disagreement over the temperament of this dog, with some saying that it’s unpredictable and dangers, and some insisting that it’s a loving and gentle family-friendly breed. It certainly strikes quite an intimidating pose, looking pretty similar to its close relative, the wolf.

    Despite its many advocates, the Wolfdog is banned in over forty states, out of fear of its unpredictable and possibly hostile nature.

    This is definitely one to admire from afar – a great beauty, but not one you necessarily would want in your home.Wolfdog

    Image by skeeze from Pixabay

    Dogo Argentino

    This is another type of dog that was originally bred to be a hunting or guard dog. Like any hunting dog, they can be tough and aggressive and this breed is actually banned in several countries.

    Saying that, they are not always mean – many Dogo Argentinos have been known to make happy, loving pets, and live peacefully with their human families.

    They do need a lot of exercise and careful training, though, to keep those aggressive and destructive tendencies in check.Dogo Argentino

    Image by Wilfried Santer from Pixabay

    Cane Corso

    This dog is a native of Italy and was originally bred to be a guard dog, tracking dog, or police dog. It is pretty big and cuts an imposing figure especially when dark-colored.

    It’s a very intelligent dog, so it can be trained successfully, and then it’s a really good and loyal friend to its owner. It will also guard your house and protect your family at all costs.

    You just have to make sure you train it from a young age, though, as if left to their own devices they can go a bit wild.Cane Corso

    Image by Lucie Malouin from Pixabay

    Bull Terrier

    This is another dog that is famous for being dangerous and aggressive. Some people say that it’s not a fair rep, though, and that Bull Terriers can make loving and friendly pets – if trained properly.

    These dogs were bred as fighting dogs, so it’s definitely in their nature to attack – but many people feel comfortable that they can be conditioned out of this behavior.

    Another thing that can make this breed hard to control is that they are often deaf – meaning that they wouldn’t hear basic commands, even if they were willing to obey.Bull Terrier

    Image by commitment_coaching from Pixabay

    Perro de Presa Canario

    The Perro de Presa Canario, or Canary Mastiff in English, are known to be tough and ornery dogs, and can be pretty vicious if not trained properly – or if they’ve been trained deliberately as fighters.

    They aren’t generally quite as aggressive to humans as they are to other dogs – they’ve been known to attack other dog breeds, and in some cases have even killed them.

    This is definitely not one to take home if you have any other pets at home – keep them away from any potential prey or targets for aggression.Perro de Presa Canario

    Image via Flickr


    Chihuahuas had something of a peak moment in the early 00’s when they were the must-have accessory for any Hollywood it-girl. These dainty dogs would peek out of bejeweled handbags as their celeb owners hopped between A-list hotspots.

    Nowadays, Chihuahuas are still somewhat associated as a girly-girl’s dog, being so small and dainty and suitable for coiffing.

    However, they can actually be quite aggressive, forming strong bonds with just their owner and being rather hateful to everyone else.

    This can be unpleasant, though rarely dangerous as they are so tiny.Chihuahua

    Image by Freepics4you from Pixabay

    Rhodesian Ridgeback

    This exquisite creature is as intelligent as it is distinguished. It is also known as the African Lion Hound, because it helps keep lions away from its owner while hunting.

    Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for being fiercely loyal and intelligent, and not particularly aggressive unless feeling threatened. They are extremely sensitive, however, and if they are not treated properly in their youth, this can really affect their later development.

    For this reason it’s not recommended to own this breed unless you already have a lot of experience with dogs.Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Image by boumapetrovice from Pixabay

    Border Collie

    Border Collies are one of the most popular breeds of dogs – they’re extremely intelligent and are perfect for young families with lots of energy.

    The only problem with this is that, when you run out of energy, the Border Collie never does. You can’t only be prepared to take them out when you are in the mood – it’s got to be several times a day, every day.

    If this lovely dog doesn’t get the exercise and stimulation it needs, things can go downhill very quickly. This is one commitment you should not make unless you’re up to meeting this pooch’s demanding personality.Border Collie

    Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

    Fila Brasileiro

    These dogs are also bred as a type of hunting dog, but they don’t actually attack the prey themselves – they are trained to hunt down and trap them in place until their owner arrives.

    Even though they’re not trained to harm, obviously keeping another animal trapped somewhere against its will can take quite a lot of physical restraint.

    You wouldn’t want to mess with these dogs, whose natural tendency for aggression can be hard to curb. They work great in a hunting scenario, but less happily in your home.Fila Brasileiro

    by Pleple2000 / Wikimedia Commons


    Bullmastiffs are a huge, heavy breed of dog, and though are capable of being very friendly and loving, they can be a little excitable. This wouldn’t really be a problem but for their considerable size and weight, meaning that even if they jump on you in a show of affection, they can do a fair bit of damage.

    A Bullmastiff might jump on a young child, with no ill intent whatsoever, but could seriously injure the child nonetheless with its might.

    Definitely not one to keep in the house if you have easily breakable objects or humans around.Bullmastiff

    Image by Marcell Végh from Pixabay


    Boerboels are an interesting breed of dog, in that they are famous for being both potentially aggressive and also a bit lazy. We are imagining them capturing their prey by merely flopping down on top of them and having a snooze.

    They can be a good dog to have in the house, as they don’t require too much exercise, but they do still need a lot of mental stimulation.

    They also need a lot of human interaction, as they are sensitive to being lonely. And when they get lonely, they can get depressed.Boerboel

    Image by Jan Steiner from Pixabay

    Catahoula Leopard Dog

    These dogs are an amazing rarity in the canine world in that they actually have webbed feet! This enables them to swim even better than regular dogs, who can already swim pretty well.

    The trouble with these guys is that they can often be born deaf or blind, which makes them quite hard to train or control at all.

    It’s hard to socialize a dog when it can’t respond to visual or audio clues, so sadly this isn’t one we’d recommend taking home as a pet.Catahoula Leopard Dog

    by Krystal Hamlin / Flickr

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    This is a very loving and friendly dog breed and generally could be a great addition to any household. The main reason for not taking these lovely guys home is more to protect you and your family from too much sadness later.

    Bernese Mountain Dogs have a much lower life expectancy than most dogs, living on average only around eight years.

    They also have a much higher rate of cancer cases, bringing their life expectancy down even lower.

    This seems like setting yourself up to fail to form a bond with a dog that you know will be leaving you pretty soon. Think of the children!Bernese Mountain Dog

    Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay


    This is another dog breed that tends not to live as long as other kinds. These adorable pups are so small and cute, but can be prone to various health issues and diseases.

    However, they still pack in quite a bit of might into their small frame – but this is actually another reason to be wary of them.

    Despite their tiny stature, these furry treasures can actually be pretty fierce, particularly towards small animals or children. They especially don’t like being petted too vigorously or having their toys taken away, both things that children tend to do.Affenpinscher

    Image by Ida Damkilde from Pixabay

    Belgian Malinois

    These no-nonsense canines are a force to be reckoned with – literally. Their impressive frame and naturally disciplined nature make them perfect for a life as a police dog or in the army.

    Though they are very reliable and intelligent, they are not particularly suited to life at home, as they are very dedicated to their work.

    Once you take away the stimulation these dogs get from their lives in patrol, they get bored pretty quickly, and tend to entertain themselves by destroying things. Your things.

    So leave these ones to their calling and pick a more homebody type of pup.

    Belgian Malinois

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